Just decant deal with your wine cooler? Chill! Tips are here!

Just decant deal with your wine cooler? Chill! Tips are here!

These days, home is where the wine is, so first things first…. that awesome wine cooler you sprung for?  It’s designed for wine only!  Don’t laugh…. there are those among us who will attempt to store their beloved brewskies or even <GASP> soda pop in it.  These folks will be sorely disappointed and probably believe there’s a problem with the unit.  Wine coolers normally operate in the range of 45 to 65 degrees in temperature.  So, get your local craft beers and your Dr. Pepper back out of there and check into some local wine tastings.  Expand that grape palate!

For our serious partners in wine out there, the best piece of advice we can give is to research the type of wine cooler before you buy to avoid making a pour decision! (Pretty punny indeed!)

First, all wine coolers are not created equal, so keep that in mind when shopping.  

  1. You have your single compartment units with one thermostat setting for all the racks.  When you set it to the desired temp, the lower storage racks may be a bit cooler than the upper racks thanks to that old adage “heat rises”.  
  2. You have your wine coolers that are separated in the center with dual zone settings.  You can normally set your ranges with a smaller span in one over the other for this one (i.e., top may be set to 45-52 degrees, and the bottom at 45-62 degrees).  Note: Dual zone wine coolers are better for multi-varietal collections.  For these units, you may or may not have the same capacity and same temperature options (one for whites, the other specifically for reds).  In this case, the temp ranges may be skewed to warmer or colder.  

So, if you are a red wine fan you should find a dual zone unit that has warmer temps in the larger capacity zone and visa-versus for the white wine fan.  

Wine Cooler

Wait, wait, wait!  Speaking of that, what temp should you use for your wine collection?  Here’s a general breakdown: For a single compartment cooler, 55 degrees should do the trick for the coexisting, free-for-all grape fest inside.  For the more complex dual units, sweet wines are recommended cooler at 42-46 degrees, champagne at 44-48 is preferred, and the rest of the white wine cru are recommended between 46-52 degrees.  Your reds run at a smooth 62-66 degrees.  But honestly, it’s a matter of personal preference and palate.  Always do wait 24 hours between adjustments to give the cooler a chance to get settled into the temp you chose.

Here’s another very important piece of info you need to know, preferably before your home wine venture gets too fizzical….  if you’re planning on installing your brand new wine cooler under a counter, check those instructions first to make sure that’s even an option for that particular unit!  When it comes to installation and various noises, we turned to our expert, Karen Chu, owner of Grand Cru Wine Bar and Boutique for some help. She stated, “Some units are noisier than others and if that is an issue for you, take it into consideration when deciding where to install it.” There are brands out there who make units that are “free standing” only.  If you attempt to place one of these into a built-in environment, you are very likely going to find yourself with cooling issues.  Of the “oops those bottles are bad now” variety.  That can be a very expensive mistake.  And again, a very pour decision……

If you do have an under the counter wine cooler, it will require periodic maintenance.  There is a condenser located behind the lower grill that needs a brush and vacuum at least once a year (more often than that for homes with fur babies… the floating animal hair can find its way anywhere!).

Did you buy a glass front beauty only to see occasional fog or condensation on the glass?  No worries, this can indeed happen.  Most wine coolers try to maintain about a 70% humidity rating internally (No dry corks!  No dry corks!), so when the “dew point” and conditions are right in your home, or if you have sunlight streaming in or air vents blowing on the front, you can literally see the “rain”.

In possession of a stellar collection that you’d love to showcase?  Look for wine coolers with auto lights or motion sensors installed.  That will wow like Lights on Broadway as guests walk up to your wine cooler!  Pretty snazzy AND functional.

Let’s wine this thing down with one last bit of advice… remove your prized collection now and again, roll your sleeves up and apply some mild soap and water to clean the interior.  Beautiful wine bottles deserve a beautiful, sparkly clean setting.    

Remember, sip happens, so if you find yourself with a wine cooler problem that needs a professional touch…. give us shout here at Guinco Service!  We will set up an appointment with a member of our fantastic technician team to come out and give you a hand.  Call us at …… or visit our website at www.guinco.com and book your appointment today!

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Added Bonus from Our Guest Expert: If you need to fill some of those empty spaces in your wine cooler, come see us at Grand Cru anytime this month and take 10% off our retail price on any 6 or more bottles of wine priced at $19.99 or higher.  Just mention you saw this in the Guinco Blog and it’s valid any time, now through February 28.

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