Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair Service

Looking for refrigerator repair?  There are many things that can go wrong with your refrigerator, such as not cooling, continuously turning on and off, the door not closing properly… just to name a few.  Call our family here at Guinco Service for quick, dependable service and expert repair on the following major brands:

Guinco Service is a family owned and operated business with more than 20 years of experience in this field.  All of our technicians are expertly trained, qualified, and have passed background checks. We also offer a 90 day parts and labor guarantee.  We will help you make the educated decision on whether to repair the unit or call it a day and purchase a new one.

Please refer to your use and care guide for your particular model for cleaning requirements.

If your refrigerator is leaking water, this could be due to a clogged drain tube in your fridge. It is recommended to have a certified technician assess the repairs needed.

There are several different causes of a refrigerator not cooling properly. The door could have accidentally been left open, there may be issues with the seal system or the fan may not be running correctly. It is best to have a certified technician come and assess the situation.

It’s not too uncommon to have small issues with a refrigerator door or the levelness of your fridge in general. If this all of a sudden is happening to you, don’t panic, this blog highlights a couple of troubleshooting tips and pointers to try before calling in the experts.

What’s the one appliance you would never want to live without? Chances are, you said your refrigerator. It is the hub of your kitchen. It’s always running. It keeps your food fresh and your drinks cold. It keeps you from having to make trips to the store every day to get food. It makes our lives so much simpler! Our blog covers five simple steps can help keep your refrigerator running like it did when you bought it.

Nothing is worse than opening the refrigerator and having your appetite knocked out of you by an awful stench. Tons of people view refrigerator and freezer odor as just a fact of life. “If I keep food in there, it’ll eventually start smelling bad.” Thanks the general consensus. But this isn’t true, and Guinco is here to offer up a blog full of some home remedies for an awful smelling refrigerator.

Have you ever been confused on which drawer your veggies go in and which one your fresh fruits go in? This blog is dedicated to helping you solve the differences on where you should store what type of food.

If there’s an excessive amount of moisture buildup in your refrigerator, read our blog about refrigerator moisture buildup.

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