I’m Having Issues with My Refrigerator Doors

I’m Having Issues with My Refrigerator Doors

It’s not too uncommon to have small issues with a refrigerator door or the levelness of your fridge in general. If this all of a sudden is happening to you, don’t panic, below are a couple of troubleshooting tips and pointers to try before calling in the experts.

My Fridge Doors are Difficult to Open

  • Your refrigerator gaskets are probably just gunked up. Simply clean your fridge gaskets with warm water and mild soap. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

My Fridge Door Won’t Shut All the Way*

  • *How do you know if your doors haven’t shut all the way?
    • Check out your fresh food section in the refrigerator. If it’s all wet, most likely, your refrigerator door wasn’t shut properly.
    • If there’s frost in your freezer, specifically on the sides or the top of your freezer, your door isn’t shutting correctly.
  • Move your food packages back and out of the way.
  • Double check that both your drawers and your shelves are in their proper positions.
  • If this is a new refrigerator, make sure that all of the packaging materials have been removed.

My Fridge Doors are Uneven

  • Your doors need to be realigned or your refrigerator needs to be leveled. Refer to your Use and Care Guide.
  • Contact your appliance installer.

My Refrigerator is Uneven or Rolls

  • Refer to your Use and Care Guide.
  • Contact your appliance installer.


While these are helpful hints, always refer to your Use and Care Guide that was issued to you at the time of purchase for your refrigerator. If your fridge was just installed and you’re experiencing any of the above issues, we recommend contacting the installation company. However, if your refrigerator isn’t cooling, that’s where we come in. Feel free to contact us at 817-568-2866 for your non-installation related appliance repairs and we will be happy to help.


Thank you for letting our family help yours.

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