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Guinco Can Help You Out With Range / Oven Issues

Oven or range problems got you down?  Not hitting the right temperature or not evenly bake your famous brownies?  Maybe the door just won’t shut, the interior light is out or an element isn’t working.   Guinco Service has expert technicians who will be happy to come out and diagnose and repair your oven for you.  We also provide service for the following major brands in your home:  

We have been around here in the DFW Metroplex for over 20 years.  Our family owned and operated business takes pride in our factory trained, highly qualified technicians. Guinco Service also requires background checks for all of our technicians for your peace of mind.  We happily offer you a 90 day parts and labor guarantee, as well. The Guinco CSR Team and Parts Department work hard to make sure you have all the information needed from our techs so you can decide if you want to repair the unit or just buy a new one. 

 Go ahead and call us today at 817.568.2866 to book service and repair for your oven problems.  Don’t forget, you can also schedule your appointment with us online!

 As always, thank you for letting our family help yours!

If your temperatures are not accurate and you’re not utilizing a mercury thermometer make sure the food you’re cooking is properly before you call for service.

Confusion often arises when referring to an oven, range, cooktop or stove. What do each of them actually mean and have we been referring to them properly? Two of these can basically be used interchangeably, however, the other two are simply components of the other two. In this blog, we break down a range, oven, cooktop and stove down by their definition.

In this blog, we breakdown several different safety tips for your oven and how to maintain its longevity.

Do you folks remember back in the fall when we told you NOT to self-clean your ovens?  Well, guess what!  After six, maybe seven months of fall / winter cooking, your oven may have some charred piles in the bottom and is leaving most of your meals with a smoke infused flavor. Check out this blog on when you should/shouldn’t be using the Self-Cleaning function on your oven.

Let’s be honest, this is something most of us do not do.  Especially in today’s world of no time to wait!  But it truly does make a difference in the end result.  Here’s why… most ovens will take up to 12-15 minutes for a basic preheat, and this will work for general cooking of any hardy recipes, meats or long cook time recipes. Check out our blog for more detailed information.

This is a subject that crops up every year just before Thanksgiving and is always worth re-visiting.  But if you’re like us, any sign of Fall brings out the excuse to bake some goodies. Most of you will start using your ovens more now than you have all year long.  Nobody wants baked deliciousness ruined by lingering odors from previous meals. Check out our blog for more information.

It may not be as quick and convenient as the microwave, but your oven is just as important to you and your kitchen, so let’s take a look at some helpful maintenance tips for your oven that will help it see and survive another holiday season.

All too often we have complaints and calls about customers having an issue with their oven temperature. They run into problems with the food that they’re baking taking longer to bake or burning before it was projected to be complete. Did you know that the positioning of your racks and your bakeware all contribute to just how well your food is cooked. Let’s take a deeper dive into each to see how they contribute to cooking time in this blog.

When that convection setting is on your oven heats like normal but engages a fan and exhaust system that will blow and then pull hot air all through the oven and around the baking food.  This helps the air all around your food keep a steady temperature, and your mouth watering masterpiece comes out a bit more quickly and cooked throughout more evenly.  Oh, and this exhaust system will also pull the moisture out of the oven, so things will be a bit more brown and crispy! Read more in our blog.

A lot of over-the-counter thermometers are simply not 100% accurate and all too often will not represent the true current temperature as opposed to what is being shown on the oven display. Sometimes oven owners try to “chase” a thermometer’s reading by changing the temperature of the oven, but doing that can create problems with cooking results. Not sure what we mean? Read more in our oven thermometer blog!

There could be a multitude of reasons why your oven isn’t producing the results you’re aiming for. Read more in our cooking results blog.

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