To Self-Clean or Not Self-Clean Your Oven

To Self-Clean or Not Self-Clean Your Oven

This is a subject that crops up every year just before Thanksgiving and is always worth re-visiting.  But if you’re like us, any sign of Fall brings out the excuse to bake some goodies. Most of you will start using your ovens more now than you have all year long.  Nobody wants baked deliciousness ruined by lingering odors from previous meals.  Particularly when the in-laws are expected for the holidays!  So, let’s talk about it now before the holidays are upon us!

In this Texas and Oklahoma heat, most people don’t utilize their ovens to cook indoors.  We have a much better time flipping burgers by the outdoor grill with friends and family!  However, when Fall rolls around, we tend to get a little carried away with holiday cheer and put that rarely used oven back into play.  This can cause some issues to pop up at Thanksgiving.  Maybe this is when you think it’s a good idea to use that self-clean function, but we are here to tell you, that doesn’t always work as planned.

The self-clean function mode can send temperatures in your oven well over 1000 deg F to turn any leftover food residue to ash.  This function makes cleaning your oven much simpler.

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But you have to be careful!

To maintain your oven’s cleanliness, use the tips below;

  1. Clean up after each and every mess,
  2. Use drip pans to catch any liquid looking to make an escape out of that delicious casserole,
  3. Wipe down the inside of your oven after each use (AFTER it cools off)
  4. Use your oven’s self-cleaning feature.


For best results, make sure you use your self-cleaning feature a few weeks before the holidays. This way, in case something doesn’t go as planned, you will have plenty of time to get your oven checked out by a professional technician before preparing one heck of a holiday meal!

Always refer to your ovens Use and Care Guide for cleaning tips.

If you’d like a professional to look at your oven, fix any problems or get it ready for the holiday season, contact us at or 844.3.GUINCO. As always, Thank You for Letting Our Family Help Yours!

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