Vent Hood Repair

If Your Vent Hood Isn’t Working, Call Guinco Service

Guinco Service will be happy to send out one of our experienced technicians to diagnose and repair your vent hood if you are experiencing issues.  A few things that can be problematic are a faulty user interface, failed motor or bad fan switch. Let us help you out! Guinco also services all of the following major brands if you have anything else you’d like us to take a look at while in your home:  

Guinco takes great pride in our factory trained and qualified technicians and our highly experienced CSR Team and Parts Department.  For your peace of mind, our technicians are required to pass a background check and we are happy to offer a 90 guarantee on all parts and labor.  With more than 20 years in the business, we offer the best for all your appliance needs. 

Call Guinco Service at 817.568.2866 today for service on your vent hood.  You can also book an appointment with us online.  

Thank you for letting our family help yours!

If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist right? If only it were that simple! Hopefully you’ve been using your range vent hood whenever you’re cooking. It’s doing an important job of filtering odors, smoke, grease and even harmful gasses. Which means its filters are getting pretty dirty! Eventually they may need to be replaced, but oftentimes you can simply wash them for way less. All you’ll need is hot or boiling water (use caution), degreasing dish soap, baking soda, non-abrasive scrub brush, a dish cloth, and these 7 easy steps.

If you’ve ever cooked something on your stove that produced a lot of smoke, you’ve seen one of the benefits of a hood vent. But, what are some of the other benefits, and how important is the hood vent? It’s not just up there making a bunch of noise! It actually has several important functions. Read more about them in our blog.

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