Honoring Our Female Technicians for Business Women’s Day

Honoring Our Female Technicians for Business Women’s Day

Guinco Service, a Veteran and family-owned and operated home appliance repair company, is honored to be a trailblazer when it comes to women in the workforce. We are happy and proud to be one of the nation’s only appliance repair servicers to have at least four female appliance repair technicians on staff. 

Since the 1940’s, women have been playing an increasingly larger role in the business world. Business Women’s Day is all about honoring their increasing role in the workforce and it’s our duty to continue to make strides and level the playing field in today’s work environment. Guinco Service embraces and encourages our employees’ differences, accepting everyone as they are and because of this, our employees are comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. Guinco Service is dedicated to fostering, and preserving a culture of diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging. 

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Among our four different market service areas, we are overjoyed to have four women technicians who are some of our top performers. Carleen F. is one of our talented senior technicians in our Phoenix, Arizona market. We are also privileged to have Raquel C., Sam W. and Shauntal G. representing us in our Dallas / Fort Worth market. Between them, they bring a keen eye to detail, an empathetic nature to our customers and a go-getter attitude that drives them to be high performers. They always show up to work willing to go the extra mile to get the job done correctly the first time and are always ready to help where needed.

Each one of these outstanding individuals brings a sense of uniqueness and skill to our growing team. 

Carleen’s Journey – Carleen started her appliance repair career here at our home base in North Texas. She is a collector of gems and minerals that she collects herself while out and about. She loves fishing and is a former hot air balloon pilot, where she actually met Kenny Chesney. On her bucket list is visiting the Great Barrier Reef and spending some time with the tree frogs in the Amazon.

Sam’s Journey – As Sam grew up watching her father succeed as an appliance repair technician, Sam knew she wanted to follow in his footsteps. She strives to provide above and beyond service for her Guinco Service customers. She has two furbabies, one cat – Plagg and one dog – Akamaru. In her free time, she enjoys taking her pup to the lake, watching anime and listening to dubstep. She’d love to take a trip to London or to snowboard the caps in Colorado.

Raquel’s Journey – Raquel started her journey with Guinco Service as a former laboratory technician and is excelling as an appliance repair technician. When she’s not going to concerts, floating the river or fishing, she’s spending quality time with her best furfriend, Luke. Her favorite place to visit is and will always be South Padre Island. 

Shauntal’s Journey – Shauntal thrives in the customer service industry, which comes as no surprise to us with her glowing reviews from her customers. Honesty is of the utmost importance to her when interacting with customers, even if it means the occasional bad news. You can usually find Shauntal reading fantasy books, catching up on some stealth or RPG video games and discovering new music. She’d love to be able to travel to the Bahamas and to Japan. 

Guinco Service is proud of these young ladies who had the courage to step into a predominantly male workforce and have achieved and maintained the skill to be top producers in two of our markets. We honor them today for Business Women’s Day, and every day for being the amazing women that they are.

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