What to do in Dallas This Week: Check Out the Baby Penguins

What to do in Dallas This Week: Check Out the Baby Penguins

Once again, we’d like to shift gears a bit and share something pretty exciting that happened in Dallas recently. We are a family-owned business, and as you can imagine family means everything to us – both ours and yours. Well, the Dallas Zoo recently introduced a couple of new family members of their own. Drumroll please!

Baby penguins! Tazo and Tulip became proud, penguin parents on January 28 and again on February 1, as their two new African black footed penguin chicks came into the world weighing 72 grams each. These two yet-to-be named penguins were the second and third penguin chicks to ever be born at the Dallas Zoo. Marina – their older sibling – was born about nine months before the duo. Until their genders are known, the zoo will hold off on naming them – we’re hoping for Guinco and Appliance Repair (hey, you never know).

As is usually the case with penguins, the parents are sharing duties watching the bundles of joy, alternating who’s watching them. According to zoo spokeswoman Lydia Jennings, penguin parents share the responsibilities equally.

Tazo and Tulip came to the zoo back in 2014, and upon recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, they were bred; which produced older sister, Marina, who took her first swim back in July. The new penguin chicks won’t be taking their first swim just yet; it takes about 3 ½ months for  penguins to take their initial plunge, so hang tight until then. But in the meantime, a video of their hatching can be seen above!

These little fuzzballs are seriously cute! If you haven’t seen the new kids in town, what are you waiting for? The Dallas Zoo is open 364 days a year – with Christmas day being only date they’re closed – so today is a great day to go! By the way, Penguin Days is going on at the Dallas Zoo until February 29, which means $5 entry! We hope you and your family have a great time with your trip to the Dallas Zoo.

We know one little appliance issue can quickly turn that excitement to frustration, so call us at 844.3.GUINCO or visit Guinco.com, if one of your home appliances is attempting to ruin your good mood. As always, Thank You For Letting Our Family Help Yours!

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