How Do We Do It? Parts Distribution

Many people wonder how Guinco is able to service all of DFW, it’s surrounding cities and Oklahoma City from just one brick and mortar location. Allow us to pull the curtain back for just a bit and explain how we’re able to have such an efficient process made up of phenomenal employees.

The Guinco Parts Department’s main goal is to provide our Technicians with the correct parts so they can complete their service calls in as few trips as possible. You may have read our earlier blog about our amazing customer service representatives and recall us discussing our pre-screen process. ( Our pre-screen process is typically where customer service representatives and our Parts Department overlap and is unique to Guinco.

Communication is key! Between the requests from our pre-screen specialist and speaking with our technicians out on the road, we are able to order all parts requested by the technicians and by our in-house team in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Luckily for us, we have multiple Part Distributors that deliver local parts to us on a daily basis and if a part isn’t available for us to purchase locally, we can order from dozens of warehouses throughout the country. So exactly, how do we do it? How are we able to service so many areas with one central location? This is where the magic happens!


Guinco runs roughly 250 service calls per day. Each call is assessed individually and scheduled typically within three days. Technicians have access to over 2,000 parts on their trucks, the more commonly used items from the previous three-to-six months. This is dependent on the size and region for which those parts are being used. However, each day the Parts Department pulls inventory for special parts for the following day utilizing bins in our warehouse. So there’s inventory on the truck and inventory in the bin. How do we get that to the technician? We deliver these parts to the technicians’ homes each night, which is roughly 23 technicians. Between our two parts delivery drivers, that’s over 240 miles per night or over 7,500 miles per month! Y’all are doing a great job, keep on trucking!

For quality home appliance repair services, look no further than Guinco. Let one of our customer service representatives assist you today by calling 844.3.GUINCO or dropping us a line at And as always, Thank You for Letting Our Family Help Yours!

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