Unsurpassed Customer Service

Unsurpassed Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Guinco aims high! We have a great group of local, real live customer service representatives standing by to answer your call and your questions. We completely understand the frustration of a faulty appliance, so it is our job to understand the issues you’re having with your appliance and get a technician out to you as quickly as possible.

Customer Service Appliance Repair

Whether you’re a first time caller or a returning customer, you can count on having a great experience with one of our customer service representatives. They take time to truly understand the matter with your appliance and get you as much information as possible. Since we are a Whirlpool-certified appliance repair company, our knowledge and experience with Whirlpool and its affiliated brands is unsurpassed. Time frames are sent out to customers the night before your service call to give you plenty of time to make arrangements. We have options of sending this to you via text, phone call or robo call, whichever medium is most convenient to you.  Do you want to be reminded 30 minutes prior to your appointment? No problem. You can specify whether or not you’d like a complimentary reminder call, just in case you have to leave work!

Fort Worth Home Appliance Repair

We also have a pre-screening process that is custom to Guinco. Using this pre-screen process, our goal is to give our technician the very best chance at repairing your appliance on their first visit. This means that after your conversation with our customer service representative, your order will go through a pre-screening process. They will take what you’ve described is wrong with your appliance and it’s symptoms will be discussed and investigated thoroughly before sending a technician to your home. We take the extra time to try and diagnose the issue, locate the correct parts in our warehouse, order the part if we believe it may be needed and supply our technician with those parts to ensure that the technician arrives to your home as prepared as possible. This helps the employees at Guinco be as efficient as possible and in turn, assists us with being productive while providing quality work at your residence.

As a family owned and operated company, believe that we know how frustrating a misbehaving appliance can be. If you’re running into appliances issues, trust that we will do our absolute best to provide you with a quality experience while getting your appliance restored to working order. Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns that you may be having with your home appliance today 844.3.GUINCO or shoot us a line on the web at www.guinco.com/contact.

In our sincerest words, Thank you for letting our family help yours!

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