Washer & Dryer: How to Buy the Right One

Washer & Dryer: How to Buy the Right One

Having a reliable washer and dryer at home is a must – unless you want to visit the laundromat every time you need to do laundry. Didn’t think so. Whether you’re looking to get the latest technology, or you want to save space with an all-in-one combo, buying these two essential appliances is an important process, so you’ll want to spend some time making the right choice. Take a look at these helpful hints to help in deciding on the best option.

What’s Your Price Range?

Set a realistic amount that you would like to pay. Don’t spend more than you’re truly willing to pay, and don’t settle on something overly cheap if you’re looking for a bit more quality. Different brands and models, with different features, will make for a variety of prices. Online research is always a good idea to at least give you an idea of what prices lie ahead.

How Will You Be Using Them?

Once you’ve nailed down your price range, you’ll need to figure out exactly how you’ll be using them. “I’m going to wash and dry clothes.” Well yeah, of course, but how often are you washing and drying those clothes? Are you putting in a full load every single time? If that’s the case, you’ll likely benefit from a large-capacity washer, which is usually going to be a front loading washer. Energy efficient washers and dryers are generally going to be preferred, but if you’re doing laundry on the regular, this is even more important.

How Much Will You Be Able to Save?

You’ve probably heard the words “energy efficient” thrown around with just about everything, and understandably so. Large appliances, as well as that nice 60” TV, use up a lot of energy. Energy efficient options allow you save money on both electricity and water (well, not the water part for your TV). Normally, Energy Star washers and dryers are going to cost you more money than their alternative, but they save you money over time. Spend more money now, save money later. Tradeoff versus opportunity cost – remember that econ class? Depending on your usage, figure out how much money you’ll save in the long run then decide which route to go.

Can You Reach?

The larger the capacity, usually the deeper the tub becomes. This can sometimes make it hard to retrieve that last sock from the bottom of the washer, for some. So go ahead, try reaching into the washer whenever you’re shopping; it’s in the name of research. If it’s an issue, then you may want to go with a different model.

What’s Everyone Else Saying About It?

The internet has made researching any major purchase exponentially easier than it was before. Not only can you easily pull up the specs for just about any model of washer or dryer that you’re looking at, but you can quickly find user reviews as well. The manufacturer can tell you that this feature is great, but somebody who’s actually used it is just so much more valuable. What kind of user experience is this appliance going to give you? A user review is more likely to give you the best answer to that question.

Major purchases usually take some time, depending on how badly you need whatever you’re buying. If you need a replacement ASAP, you may be more inclined to rush into a transaction. Take a look at these helpful tips, and you should be able to make a much more informed decision. Sometimes it’s just time for a new washer or dryer, but if you’d like us to help get the old one back to normal, simply call us at 844.3.GUINCO or visit Guinco.com.

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