Should I use my oven’s self-cleaning system?

Should I use my oven’s self-cleaning system?

This question always comes up just before Thanksgiving, so this year we decided to try to address it a little bit earlier in the year. During the summer months, people typically use their ovens less. Between vacations and grilling outdoors, the oven doesn’t quite get the frequent use it normally does. Unfortunately, after this period of rest, people determine to send their machine into overdrive with Thanksgiving. They decide, for probably the first time in the life of the oven, to use the self-cleaning system. More often than not, this has disastrous consequences.

So, what exactly is the self-cleaning function? Well, it’s a function on most ovens in which the temperature reaches from 800 deg F to over 1000 def F in order to quite literally disintegrate any and all foreign particles in the oven. It exists to thoroughly clean the oven without requiring a person to get in there and scrub, which can be quite a tedious task.

However, use this feature with extreme caution.

Simply put, the self-cleaning function requires the oven be in tip-top, firing on all cylinders shape. And most ovens are just not in that sort of shape after a summer of not being used heavily or cleaned. So, what can go wrong if you use the self-cleaning system when your oven isn’t in shape? It can make it unuseable. Specifically, by way of blowing a high-temperature, non-resettable fuse. When people blow these fuses a few days before Thanksgiving, it can derail the entire holiday.

If you’re unsure of the health of your oven, there are some less dangerous cleaning options. For instance, you can simply be proactive cleaning up after each and every mess. Employing drip pans to make sure no fluids linger in the bottom of the machine is also a great idea. Following one of the many online guides to wiping down the interior of your oven is also a great idea. Refer to your ovens Use and Care Guide for cleaning tips.

If you’d like a professional to look at your oven, fix any problems, and get it ready for the Holiday Season, contact us at or 844.3.GUINCO. As always, Thank You for Letting Our Family Help Yours!

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