Help! Why is my Refrigerator Leaking?

Help! Why is my Refrigerator Leaking?

With temperatures warming up, now is not the time to have a leaking refrigerator. You run the risk of losing all your perishable food if you don’t have a back up fridge and/or act fast. There are a few different reasons that could be causing your refrigerator to leak. So let’s check those out before calling in the experts.

Water is leaking from the dispenser

  1. Make sure you’re holding your drinking glass for roughly 2-3 seconds after you’ve discontinued the use of the water dispenser lever or pad. Note – A few additional drops are completely normal.
  2. If your water filter was just replaced, it can cause air in the water line resulting in the water dispenser dripping. To flush the water system and remove air in the water lines, grab a sturdy tupperware dish and begin pushing the water dispenser pad. Hold the pad for five seconds then release for five seconds. Repeat this step until the water begins to flow properly. Once it begins to flow, continue the steps above until you have 3 gallons of water dispensed.
  3. Ice in the dispenser chute could be melting. Double check the dispenser to make sure it’s free of ice shavings or pieces of ice.

Water is leaking from behind the refrigerator

  1. Most likely, your water lines are not fully tightened. Make sure all your connections are tightened.

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still having trouble, you may have a larger underlying issue. Give us a call and we will be sure to send out one of our professionally trained and experienced technicians to take a look. As always, thank you for letting our family help yours!

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