Why is There So Much Moisture in My Refrigerator

Why is There So Much Moisture in My Refrigerator

The Summer season is upon us, but it’s not quite here yet. That means rain, rain and more rain which equates to humidity. Everyone’s favorite, right? You may be wondering what in the world this has to do with extra moisture build up in your refrigerator and we are here to shed some light on the situation.

We’re technically still in Spring, which means that a lot of us are doing our annual spring cleaning. For some, that means cleaning out the refrigerator and wiping down shelves and drawers. If you happen to notice some moisture build up in your refrigerator while performing these household tasks, DO NOT PANIC, as some moisture buildup in your refrigerator is normal. Simply clean it up with a soft dry cloth.

Now, if there’s an excessive amount of moisture buildup in your refrigerator, we’re looking at a couple of different things. 

  1. The room is humid. If you like to leave your windows open in the Spring, you are most definitely adding a lot more humidity to your home. This contributes to moisture buildup. Some of us also have a spare refrigerator in the garage for extra groceries or adult beverages. If you’re noticing moisture buildup in your garage refrigerator, it could most definitely be because of humidity. It is suggested to only use a refrigerator in an indoor location, with as little humidity as possible.
  2. Who left the door open? Some of us are door slammers while others gently close their refrigerator doors to a fault. All too many times, we have personally seen our refrigerator doors left open when in your heart, you truly thought they were closed. In either case, if your doors are not fully closed it will allow humidity to accumulate in your refrigerator, thus ending in moisture buildup. Always give your refrigerator doors a second glance after closing them, just to make sure.
  3. Snack Shopping! Make sure that the kiddos (or adults) who are snack shoppers don’t search too long. This will not only allow humidity to sneak past the door threshold, but will also contribute to moisture buildup. Not only that – it can make the interior temperature too warm.
  4. Door Seals. Make sure that your door seals are, well, sealing your door. If they don’t seal properly, this will allow warmer air and humidity to enter which, you guessed it, leads to moisture buildup.

The big takeaway here is simply that humidity = moisture buildup. We hope that the above information has assisted you in understanding the root causes of moisture buildup in your refrigerator. We also highly recommend checking your Use and Care Guide given to you by your manufacturer for some more troubleshooting information. If you’ve checked all of the above and are still fearful that you may have too much moisture buildup, it’s best to pass the torch to Guinco Services’ professionally trained technicians. Thank you for letting our family help yours!

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