Is Your Ice Maker Ready for Cinco (or more) Margaritas?

Is Your Ice Maker Ready for Cinco (or more) Margaritas?

Cinco de Mayo is this week, and for most of us that means one thing: tequila!  Restaurants and bars all over the country are going to offer up enough styles of margarita to make your head spin….. and not just from all this agave based deliciousness.  The decision of salt vs no salt alone (not to mention all the flavors of salt these days!) can be trying.  But for all you DIYers in the crowd, no matter the unique twist you spin on this tried and true favorite, one thing you absolutely have to have?  Ice.  Crushed, cubed…. Doesn’t matter, but you gotta have it and to do your margarita justice it needs to be clean crisp, non-sticky crunchiness.  To make that happen, let’s chat real quick about the simple and very quick process of cleaning your refrigerator ice maker so you’re good to go!

The good news is that the ice maker inside your refrigerator / freezer unit does not require nearly the same level of cleaning as an ice machine. In just a few easy steps, you can take care of it yourself!   First, to clean it you’ve got to empty it (which is actually a good thing to do anyway every 3-4 months).  Get out your favorite mild soap / detergent, fire up the warm water and scrub it down.  Grab your Great Aunt Edna-created tea towel and get it completely dry before you reinstall it.  On a side note, if your ice cubes seem to have an odor you deem unworthy, it maybe time to change out your  refrigerator’s water filter.  If this is all a little overwhelming, drag out the Use & Care Guide and flip to the appropriate section for some help.

How to Clean Your Ice Maker

Now that you and your bunch are relaxing on the patio with what is no doubt THE best margarita ever created, how many of you truly know what we celebrate on Cinco de Mayo?  Put your hand down, Texas.  Well, contrary to erroneous yet popular belief, it is not a celebration of Mexico’s Independence (that auspicious occasion is actually celebrated on September 16th).  No, this day in May is the glorious celebration of Mexico’s victory in the battle at Puebla on May 5th, 1862 during the Franco-Mexican war. The  Mexican militia (heavily outnumbered) were not the favorites predicted by the Los Vegas odds machine to defeat the French. But we all know what happens when you don’t give the underdog enough credit!  Margaritas for all… that’s what!  That particular victory is a well deserved source of pride for Mexico and is the reason we continue to join our friends to the south in celebration by raising those margaritas high and yelling Salud!  

Thank you, as always, for letting our family help you!  Give us a shout if you’ve got issues with any of your appliances.

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