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Whirlpool Appliance Repair Top Performer

Guinco Service was recently honored to receive multiple prestigious awards at the 2023 Whirlpool Convention, celebrating the best and brightest in the appliance service industry. The awards included Top Days to Complete, Top Technician Rating, Top 5-Star, and the MVP award for the year 2022.

Guinco Service was thrilled to be nominated alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. Winning the Top Days to Complete Award was a huge honor, recognizing our dedication to offering our customers swift and reliable repair services. This award acknowledges that Guinco Service has the quickest turnaround time from customer inquiry to job completion.

Guinco was also recognized for its Top Technician Rating, indicating a commitment to excellence in technician training and expertise. Customers give ratings from 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest) when evaluating our technicians, and these ratings are reported to Whirlpool and other manufacturers. 

Additionally, we have been honored to receive the Top 5-Star award in recognition of our dedication to providing the ultimate standard of service. Our achievement of this award is a testament to the positive feedback that customers have shared with the appliance manufacturer about their experience with Guinco Service.

Finally, the MVP award for the year 2022 is a testament to our overall customer service record that emphasizes safety, trustworthiness, and dependability.Guinco Recipients

Despite the numerous obstacles posed by the COVID pandemic, Guinco persevered as a leader in their industry for their unprecedented dedication and commitment towards servicing and growing their customer base.  The company continues to go the extra mile, no matter the situation, to ensure their customers receive the best products and services. Guinco Service is proud to have been recognized at the Whirlpool Convention as a business that directly supports its customers and community.

Guinco Service is a family owned and operated, multi-national award winning home appliance repair servicer. Serving homes in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in North Texas, Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas, The Valley in Phoenix, Arizona, and Wichita, Kansas. We provide honest, knowledgeable and dependable service for all of our home appliance customers, in the most expedient and friendly manner possible. From a simple dishwasher or washer repair to an intense refrigerator sealed system rebuild, our professionally trained, background checked and experienced technicians can handle the job. Efficiency is key, which is why each location has an extensive parts warehouse and a team dedicated to pre-screen parts for customers to enhance the capability to complete a call on the first trip. From the initial phone call to the repair completion, you can trust our friendly Guinco Service family to help yours!

For more information about Guinco Service and our appliance repair services, please visit our website at www.guinco.com.

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