Glass Cooktop Safety

Glass Cooktop Safety

Hey there, fellow cooking enthusiasts! Welcome to Guinco Service, where safety is our number one priority. We’re a fun-loving, family and veteran-owned company serving North Texas, the greater Oklahoma City area, the greater Phoenix area, and Wichita, KS. And when it comes to cooktops, we’ve got your back with some helpful safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe while whipping up delicious meals.

First things first, let’s remember some basic precautions to prevent any kitchen disasters (nobody wants that!). Keep a watchful eye on little ones and make sure they’re not left alone near the cooktop. Additionally, let’s make sure we’re wearing proper clothing to avoid any loose-fitting mishaps.

Don’t forget to store flammable materials away from the cooktop and never, ever use water on a grease fire. Although it goes against our nature, use baking soda instead! If you’re using an electric grill, keep an eye out when cooking with oil or fat because these guys can be a fire hazard. When it comes to handling your pots and pans, use dry potholders and let them cool before touching them. If damp, they can steam and cause unnecessary burns.

Pro tip: use the right pan size to avoid spills and boilovers that can leave quite the mess. And stick to designated glazed cooking utensils that can handle sudden changes in temperature. Keep the handles turned inward and away from heat sources to prevent any burns or spills.

If something goes wrong, no sweat! Contact a qualified technician at Guinco Service. When it’s time to clean up after your cooking marathon, take extra care to avoid steam burns and use cleaners safe for hot surfaces. Oh, and don’t start your cooktop with an external timer or without consulting your Use and Care Guide provided by your appliance’s manufacturer – we’d hate for any accidents to happen.

For those of you with ventilating hoods, remember to clean them regularly and turn on the fan when cooking with high heat. And for our coil element cooktops, make sure the reflector pans or drip bowls are in place to protect the wiring. Don’t use aluminum foil unless your manual says it’s okay – we don’t want any electric shocks or fires!

Last but not least, never soak those removable heating elements in water. And if you see a damaged power supply cord, call in a professional to get it fixed.

Guinco Service is all about keeping our customers safe. By following these easy tips, you can prevent accidents and keep your family and home happy and healthy. And for any appliance repair needs, our skilled technicians are just a phone call away. So stay safe, North Texas, the greater Oklahoma City area, the greater Phoenix area, and Wichita, KS. Happy cooking!

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