Clothes Taking too Long to Dry

Clothes Taking too Long to Dry

Is your dryer taking a little bit longer to dry your clothing? If yes, there are a few different items to look into before you panic and call in the professionals. In this blog, we’ll jump into some of the reasons why it could be taking your dryer a tad bit longer to dry than normal and some quick references for troubleshooting.

Check your vent. Your dryer must be properly installed and vented to get to it’s peak performance. Your Use and Care Guide provided by your manufacturer explains this in depth. They do suggest to use a heavy metal vent as opposed to a plastic or metal foil vent. This is a pretty important step. Not only are you, the customer, responsible for service calls caused by improper venting, but this is also a fire safety hazard. 

Clean your lint screen. This truly is overlooked by many as when you’re cleaning it everytime, it doesn’t necessarily produce a ton of lint. Sometimes you may forget, but this isn’t a step that should be ignored as longer dry times will be your result. 

Did you accidently hit the air dry cycle? Be sure you’re always double checking with your Use and Care Guide on the right cycle to use for the different types of garments being dried.

Were you clothes rinsed using cold water? If so, longer dry times are expected.

Were your clothes very wet still when you pulled out of the washer? If so, you can expect your clothes to be subject to longer drying times.

If your clothes load is too large or heavy, be sure to separate and tumble dry. This will ensure that your clothes are drying in a timely fashion. 

The room temperature where your dryer is located could contribute to longer dry times as well. Dryers are not meant to be used in rooms where it gets cooler than 45 degrees.

We hope that these questions and tips have been insightful. If you suspect your dryer vent needs to be cleaned, make sure you’re calling a professional dryer vent cleaning company as many appliance repair service providers do not clean vents. If you still need someone to take a look at your appliance for repair needs, give us a call and we’ll be there to help!

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