Cleaning and Checking Your Microwave Turntable & Guide.

Cleaning and Checking Your Microwave Turntable & Guide.

When it comes to microwaves, the turntable is really the unsung hero of the whole process. For those that don’t know, the turntable is the small glass or hard plastic circle that you place your food on. The turntable guide is the small plastic ring-on-wheels that makes the whole unit spin, insuring your food cooks evenly. Like the microwave itself, routine maintenance and cleaning for the turntable and guide typically isn’t done, which can cause food to not cook properly.

So, what are the potential side-effects of a dirty or misaligned turntable and guide? Well first off, if it’s covered in food filth, that the smell and flavor of that filth will likely seep into your food. Microwaves are great, but nothing wants to taste like it was microwaved, and this is something that contributes to that microwaved taste. Also, if the turntable guide is misaligned, your food could topple over or cook unevenly. The whole reason it’s there in the first place is to make sure that your food heats completely evenly, as it’s not really possible to control the way radio waves pass through a stationary object.

Alright, let’s get to cleaning this thing. First things first: make sure the machine is completely turned off & unplugged. Like any other kitchen appliance, the microwave can definitely electrocute you. And that isn’t particularly fun. Now, once the microwave is powerless, remove the glass turntable. Wash it by hand with warm water and a touch of soap. It’s going to be hard to completely degrease the piece, but this cleaning will certainly help its functionality.

Now it’s time to clean the turntable guide. The plastic of the guide is exceptionally thin, and the wheels are very small, so a gentle touch is key here. Once again, clean it with warm water and a little soap. The main thing is to make sure the wheels are completely and totally free of debris. Dried food or crumbs are typically the culprits here. Anything that can stop the wheel from spinning will completely nullify the purpose of the turntable. Lastly, make sure the grooves inside the microwave that the wheels roll through are also clean. You can wipe them with a damp washcloth.

Once everything is nice and clean, carefully return the guide to the grooves you’ve just cleaned. Rotate the guide by hand to insure it’s back in place. Next, carefully place the glass turntable back on the guide. Being glass, it’s extremely breakable. Once everything is back in place, try cooking something in the microwave to make sure it’s rotating properly. Never turn on the microwave with nothing in it, as the radio waves will have to transfer their energy to something, which will be the machine itself. That’s not good for the longevity of the machine.

Should any problems persist, you may have a more serious issue. At that point, feel free to call your trusted appliance repair service. We’re available online at the redesigned, or by phone at 844.3.GUINCO. Let our family help yours today.

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