How Are the Rest of Your Appliances Looking for the Holiday Season?

How Are the Rest of Your Appliances Looking for the Holiday Season?

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but that was just Round 1 of the holiday season! For the chefs and bakers out there in the crowd, your appliances just don’t get much rest from mid November to the beginning of January. The best thing you can do is make sure ahead of time they are up to par before the next wave of entertainment and baking hits. Last week, we took a look at checking your oven, microwave, and stove top. So, this week let’s talk about inspecting your refrigerator and dishwasher. As always, be sure to follow any manufacturer’s guidelines when working with an appliance.

We talked about the importance of your refrigerator in our 5 Simple Tips to Get the Most From Your Refrigerator blog. This work horse runs every day of the year, so it’s important you don’t forget about keeping it in optimum condition. In addition to those 5 simple tips, there are a couple of other important things we suggest you take a look at. Be sure to unplug your refrigerator before doing any work on it.

The compressor is vital to the performance of your refrigerator and freezer. Keeping the coils clean is one way to keep the compressor healthy, but something that is often overlooked is the back panel that covers the compressor. Not only does it help to reduce the chance of things getting into that area that should not be, but it also helps to correctly direct the airflow for all the parts in that area. It also helps with evaporating water collected during defrost. Follow any safety warnings within the Use and Care Guide if any adjustments need to be made.

Finally, let’s chat about your dishwasher. All those terrific dishes you concoct in your kitchen tend to lead to plenty of dirty dishes, especially during the holidays. To prevent the horror of hand washing all of those dishes, let’s make sure your dishwasher can do its job properly.

Many factors go into getting a great performance from your dishwasher. One of them is water circulation. To test if it is working properly, empty your dishwasher, then take 4 equally sized cups and place them upright in the 4 corners of the upper rack of your dishwasher. Start a cycle, allow it to fill and run for about 2 minutes, then open the dishwasher and observe if you have 4 equally filled cups. If you don’t, read up on your Use and Care Guide for cleaning of filters & spray arms and try again. Still not working as well as it should? Might be time to give us a call!

All four of these appliances are going to be key players in having a happy and successful holiday season. We hope these tips help lessen your stress because the holidays are meant to be enjoyed. You take care of the entertainment and we’ll take care of any appliance issues you run into. If something comes up, you can reach us at 844.3.GUINCO or at As always, Thank You For Letting Our Family Help Yours! Happy Holidays!

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