Are Your Appliances Holiday Ready?

Are Your Appliances Holiday Ready?

Folks, we’ve hit the halfway point of the holiday season! We hope all went well and you have some leftover turkey or ham hanging out in the refrigerator, waiting for sandwich time. The holiday workload for your appliances isn’t over yet, however. If you’re expecting guests this month, you can expect just as much holiday usage of your appliances, if not more, especially if there’s holiday candy making on the agenda! Your oven will probably be the heavy hitter in the lineup but won’t be the only appliance with an increased workload. We’re going to take a look at four appliances for your holiday: the oven, refrigerator, microwave, and the dishwasher. It’s always a good idea to inspect your appliances, especially before heavy usage. In this blog we’re going to concentrate on the oven and the microwave. (Always be sure to check manufacturer’s guidelines.)

Your oven is likely the most used appliance in your kitchen.

As we discussed in our November email, during the holidays, your oven is likely the most used appliance in your kitchen. Whatever you’re baking, you’ll want to make sure all of the electrical connections have been inspected to ensure proper functionality (i.e., make sure the power is off, and always use caution when working near anything electrical). Part of your inspection should include the oven coils. Especially after Thanksgiving, you’ll want to be sure that the coils didn’t take any damage. Depending on your setup, your stove may be right above your oven, or it may be on the other side of the kitchen. It’s a good idea to go ahead and make sure all four burners are in good working order, whether they’re gas or electric. If you ever suspect a gas leak, it’s always best to call a professional to get this fixed quickly!

Everyone’s cooking habits and skills are different. Even if you’re a master chef, you’re still going to use that microwave regularly (even if you don’t admit it). The oven will certainly be used for longer baking foods, but the microwave will probably be used more frequently… especially for all those holiday leftovers needing reheated. Just like your oven, there are a few things you’ll want to check to get ready for the holidays.

As with the oven, inspect all electrical connections to be sure nothing is loose. It’s possible one or more of these connections could have come loose during use in the spring or summer. After you’ve checked for loose connections, take a look at the door of the microwave, as well as the turntable. The door should not be loose, and it should close properly. If your door is falling off, or not shutting completely, it is probably time to get a new microwave… this is radiation we’re talking about, folks. Your turntable should be free of any damage and shouldn’t wobble when it’s rotating. Check out our Cleaning and Checking Your Microwave Turntable & Guide to learn more about taking care of this part of your kitchen. It is not recommended that you get into the inner workings of your microwave. If you believe you have any issues beyond the very basics, be sure to have a pro do the work.

The holidays are both fun and chaotic. When you’re spending time with your loved ones, the last thing you want to worry about is a faulty appliance. We hope you enjoy this special time of year. If you run into an issue, we’d be happy to help out! Simply call 844.3.GUINCO or visit us at As always, Thank You For Letting Our Family Help Yours!

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