Delaine D.

Customer Service Representative

Delaine is originally from Grapevine but moved down the road a bit and now calls the city of Bedford home. Her very first job ever was under the chef hat for Sonic Drive-In, but these days she’s an integral part of our amazing CSR team!  She’s right at home at Guinco and says it’s just like working with family.  Speaking of family, Delaine (a/k/a Dela or “little cute”) has a sweet puppy named Duck at home waiting on her each day (Duck! Duck! Pup!).

She’s a big fan of the iconic TV show “The Office”, Warhammer 40k novels, the collecting of knickknacks and is a big fan of Reese’s Puffs cereal.  Having had the opportunity to visit her all-time favorite place, HMart (FYI, it’s a Korean shopping mall), top of her bucket list is traveling South Korea to see it all up close and personal.  So, what else is on Delaine’s bucket list? Moving into a luxury apartment and visiting a Michelin star rated restaurant. Delaine would like you to check out the Old Friend Senior Dog Sanctuary to see what they’re all about and how they strive to ensure the older fur babies are able to live their golden years safe and happy!

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