Bett H.

Appliance Repair Specialist

Bett lived in Royse City for 13 years, then ran down to Houston for 4, but wised up and came on back! He joined the Guinco management team with years of industry experience.

Wife Stephanie, daughters Heather and Ashlin, and Basset Hound Dazy are the home team for Bett. He is a Rush fan (excellent choice) and rides his Honda VTX 1300 for relaxation. Going to extremes on movie choices, “Hangover” and “Son of God” are on his list. Bett offers up “Maximized Manhood” as a good book, and we did Google it as the title piqued our curiosity and were mightily relieved to find an excellent guide to family survival! Bett also gives us the best answer ever for his favorite place…. With His Wife! Good man! He also cheers for the Dallas Cowboys! We begin to suspect he called ahead for a bio cheat sheet! Go Bett!

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