Jessie J.

Customer Service Coordinator

Jessie – or Jess – has known the Guinn family for most of her life and knew that joining the Guinco team would be a place she could feel proud working for.  While she has been in customer service for several years, this is her first foray into the appliance repair business. That doesn’t stop her from doing her best from making sure she has helped every team member and customer in need! Nothing makes her feel better than knowing she helped make a customer’s day better. One of her favorite things about working at Guinco is how genuine and fun everyone is to work with, she truly feels like she’s part of a big family.

Raised in Godley, Tx, Jessie now resides in Cleburne, Tx with her longtime high school sweetheart, three beautiful daughters, 3 dogs, and 2 cats.  There’s not much time for TV for this very active family! Raising softballers, Jessie cites the softball field being her favorite spot to soak up some quality time with the family. She appreciates the challenges and joys that come with being a mom and wife and opts to title her life  ‘Beautiful Chaos’. Her ultimate happy place would be the Florida panhandle – Destin in particular. So much so that it’s one of her dreams to retire in Florida with a beach house. In general, she would love to travel more, be it a cruise, or going somewhere exotic- she’ll even take a road trip if she can be the playlist manager!

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