Jeremy T.

Parts, Warehouse and Logistics

Jeremy entered this world in Fort Worth and is still here today where the friends he has made top the list of things he enjoys at Guinco.  He started out working in a t-shirt shop but now is part of our Parts Department where he is the man in charge of Parts Returns. Little known fact… Jeremy goes by the nickname Charlie Day, to whom he does indeed bear a striking resemblance.

He is one of the legion who watched The Simpsons growing up, and these days admits to tame pursuits like collecting souvenirs from his travels, specifically Aruba, and enjoys Reeses for breakfast (possibly the cereal version, but equally possible just the chocolate candy).  If Jeremy had to choose a movie title for the story of his life, he’s going with The Breakup (now we’re definitely on board with Reeses chocolate candy for breakfast, because you know… breakups = chocolate comfort). He has met the Velcro Pygmies…. (insert Google search). Jeremy encourages you to check out your local Animal Shelter when you add to your family!

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