Ron S.

Appliance Repair Specialist

Ron was born in Gothenburg, New York and lived in the truck farming and dairy community of Chester where he started work young in a multitude of hard labor jobs, including hefting 70 pound bales of hay around and assembling lettuce crates at a penny per.  These days he calls north Texas home where he calls upon his many, many years of appliance years experience to assist his fellow technicians on product issues and escalated service calls. Here at Guinco, Ron appreciates being made to feel of value and the care Management has for you as a person.  He is a collector of cast iron skillets, saying you can never have enough and he does indeed use each and every one! His musical taste runs from 50’s, 60’s,70’s country and rock to big band, and watches mostly action/war movies… an old fave is Sergeant York in black and white. Ron randomly got to meet Hal Holbrook from the 1976 movie Midway in passing at DFW Airport that one time!  He also claims Shredded Wheat is how to start your day. The most interesting place or experience he’s had was climbing into the Cross Swords, a parade ground for Sadam Husaine, during the 2005 operation Iraq Freedom. Still on that bucket list though is tandem jump from a perfectly good airplane and backpacking with his grandsons to camp, hunt and fish for a few days. Thank you for your service, sir!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Ron:

Great guys who were super knowledgeable. Also, they were fun to chat with while they were working. – J.H.

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