Appliance Repair Technician

John was born in OKC, and after travels through a number of states, now calls Yukon, Oklahoma home with his amazing wife, a 3-pack of fun kiddos, a crazy black lab who answers to Dude and the real boss of the family, tiny dachshund Sailor. His current resume reads as Guinco technician, chief cook and bottle washer, baby tamer, partner and best friend to a gorgeous wife. (Note: we only pay him for one of those jobs.)  His favorite thing about working at Guinco is the chance to help people in their time of need. As a young lad, he worked at Slippery Falls Scout Ranch where he taught swimming, sailing, snorkeling,canoeing, rowing, skeet shooting, black powder rifle and practical jokes (did THEY know that was part of their curriculum, John?). His wife calls him Babe, the kids call him Dad. but nobody calls him late for dinner…. (ba dum dum tsss).

John collects the pictures on his camera roll and Christmas tree ornaments, and during his formative years he watched Gunsmoke, The A Team and the Simpsons.  The movie It’s a Wonderful Life tells you how he’s all up in the feels on most days, followed by Aliens on the off ones (well, if we’re being honest, we’ve all had THAT day).  John also had the cool opportunity to meet R. Lee Emory (of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket fame). When asked for a fave cereal, we received “steak and eggs over medium with a side of bacon”….  His happy place is out in the great big wilderness or out at sea. The top three on John’s bucket list are bear hunting in Alaska, riding a motorcycle from Alaska to the tip of South America, and sailing around the world. Please look up The USO (United Service Organizations) who works with and help out the military when they are away from home.

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