Appliance Repair Technician

Chris has lived in Fort Worth for several years, and is a part of our Guinco Service team as a technician. His resume includes time spent with SSI, TCS Contractors and Green Express.

His family consists of lovely wife, Shonda, and two kids, as well as Ringo and Roxy (Chorkies). Wait… what? We don’t know what that is, but it sounds small and loud. Chris has all kinds of hobbies to fill his off time, such as hunting, fishing, video games and fantasy football. So a healthy mix of outdoor and glued to the screen! Also, when glued to the screen, he’ll watch “The Jerk”, “Lord of the Rings” and “Tombstone”. His favorite place to be is simply here in Texas! But for some odd reason he claims to be a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. He will give a shout out to his local fave team though….Go Rangers!

What Our Customers are Saying about Chris:

My service technician was great, Chris answered all of my questions in a straightforward manner which I appreciate.


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