Appliance Repair Technician

Born and raised right here in The Fort, Sam was a lifeguard at Camp Thurman as a younger lad before landing here with the Guinco family as one of our full line technicians.  Sam is a big fan of the family oriented atmosphere, the fair treatment, and how safety always comes first. Feline fur babies, Mimosa and Toulouse, are Sam’s door greeters at home, as well as protectors of his collection of firearms and Red Wing boots!  A decade ago, Sam was listening to Fleet Foxes and channeling his inner Bart while watching The Simpsons.  A short stint working in the hotel business led to a fun celebrity sighting when he met everyone’s favorite fedora wearing Raider…. Harrison Ford.  Colorado is his happy place away from Texas, with overseas travel, owning a 1963 Lincoln continental and building his own house still on the To Do List.  Sam asks that we all check into adopting more shelter animals!  Wonderful advice.

What Our Customers are Saying about Sam:

Sam was great, he fixed my dishwasher, very professional and quick, can’t ask for better than that, the Guinco customer service were very helpful and fast. Great satisfaction. – M.A.

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